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JCA Circle Cutting Attachment with Plasma Attachment

JCA Circle-Cutting Attachment is a NEW product from JCA Enterprises that attaches to your welding Torch or Plasma Cutter and takes the hassle out of burning circles from one inch to 26 inches and Radiusing corners.

The new JCA circle cutting attachment. For use with acetylene and plasma cutting torches. Professional perfect looking cuts can easily be made in the field or in the shop with the JCA circle cutting tool. The radius of the cut is quickly adjustable from 1 to 26 inches. Settings are held with a locking lever. The JCA circle Torch Attachment is easily mounted on journeyman torches and plasma cutters. When making cuts, the pointer is simply placed in a dimple made by punch in the stock to be cut. The attachment can be used by attaching to the torch handle or can be used unattached if the stock is stationary. For Plasma torches, insert the plasma cutter tip in the larger hole. Locking the attachment into the Plasma cutter is not necessary, and is very easy to use. This Journeyman cutting attachment should be in every welders toolbox. The Plasma cutting attachment is included with purchase. Save Time and effort with the Plasma and Torch attachments!