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Principal and Inventor

I made this tool and started using it in 1983. I used it for 17 years before I decided to paten it. I had enough enquiries asking me to manufacture it for  purchase and did so in 1999. The year 2000 it was available for all to purchase. As of 2022 there has been 10,513 sold with no returns. Everyone who has purchased it has came back and bought another if they had damaged the one they had. They have said no one out there makes a better durable attachment and also have said the others out there on the market are a joke.   

It's a great product, heavy duty and built to last. You can use it for more than just burning circles with it, use it to radius corners on plate, channel iron, angle iron, box tubing, I - beam, H - beam Etc. I've done a lot of art work with it too. Use your imagination and put it to work, you won't be sorry you made the purchase. This attachment only fits the Victor style Journeyman torch's. If you have another torch that's sold at Harbor Freight that's built just like the Victor Journeyman this will fit that torch also. Every toolbox should have one. When you don't have a burning table available this is the tool for you.   

If you don't like it, return it... I'll send you your money back.